Some pictures have a special meaning for me - like my recent work where I'm experimenting with new ideas. Pictures which have been accepted in juried competitions and exhibitions are also special because I hope that they tell me what other people like about my work.

And in more than twenty years of 'patchworking' of course I have my favourites, pictures which 'turned out well' or which marked new departures. or were just extraordinary for some reason.

The very first patchwork piece I ever made. Like the many which followed, it was a bed-spread, something useful.

The first patchwork piece I made which was to be 'just a picture' from the start.

One of my first attempts to depict the eternal balancing act of life.

My favourite Angel. A housewife-angel, pretty tired and worn after many trips between Heaven and Earth.

Hans Andersen's 'Clumsy Hans' who got his princess and half a kingdom for being both naive and sincere.

The first piece to be sold at the first SAQA Benefit Auction in 2007. I was very surprised - and very proud!

My favourite quilt! And a preliminary study for my biblical 'story rug'. My husband sees it as the 'Ancient Sunlight' of Richard Jefferies.

The deep blue background radiates calm as Aunt Ada's story unfolds and the living room table becomes comes a field with grazing sheep.

I used the same blue background in my contribution to SAQA's The Sky is the Limit in 2007.

The first in a new series of composite landscapes, inspired by the Danish countryside.

The first in a series of pictures of couples.

A biblical 'story rug' commissioned by Egaa Church near Aarhus. At two and a half meters square it's one of the biggest pictures I've made.

A bedspread commissioned by Jytte, who talked about her life, and then gave me a free hand.

Another commissioned bedspread and one that gave me great satisfaction because of its strange feeling of depth.